Dear Client,

The best advice that I can offer you, is to laugh, be authentic, and be as much or as little as what you want to be.  Above all, remember that it's always the in-between moments that make the best photos.  And it's my job to make you look good.  Just trust me, I want you to look great too.  


If you're wondering...

When should we plan to shoot photos?

Lighting absolutely is one of the most important elements of your session.  While direct sunlight during the midday may be your favorite to hang out in, it is the least flattering light to photograph people in.  That said, not every session can be held at sunrise or sunset.  An overcast or even smoky day can do wonders for us! 

Do you photograph weddings?

You may notice that most of my website is focused on adventurous portrait-style photography.  I only photograph intimate weddings and elopements.  Please contact me and we can talk about your wedding photography.  

Couple and individual portrait sessions starting at $250

Family portrait sessions starting at $350

(Pets are welcome!)

Commercial projects, contact directly

Event photography, contact directly 

All sessions include high-quality, downloadable digital files.  Please contact me for a detailed price menu.

What should I wear?

My immediate answer is, whatever you feel best in.  But, since you're asking, items that flow, colors that pop, and unique styles that you love, all photograph very well.  

Where do the sessions take place?


I am based out of Trail, BC.  I shoot photos inspired by natural light, anywhere from the valley bottom to the top of a mountain.  I will travel past a 30 km radius for a fee.  Let me know of your ideas for location, otherwise I will scout in advance.